Star Wars (1977) – Ace Mini-Review

For the record, my reviews of the first three Star Wars films are all based on the original cuts of the movies – or, at least, the closest thing thereto I could find.  #releasetheoriginaltrilogy

Star Wars: A New Hope
Starring: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher
Written & Directed by: George Lucas
U.K./U.S.A., 1977

How good is this movie?

I feel a bit foolish trying to review this movie.  There can’t be any originality in a review of a movie this famous, nor can there be any objectivity when reviewing a film that had such a profound influence on my life.  So I won’t try too hard.  I will just call it a fun action adventure that remains entertaining from start to finish.  It takes place in an imaginative fantasy universe; it closes with a thrilling action sequence; and, in Darth Vader, it gives us one of the most memorable and intimidating villains in all of cinema.  If it has a weakness, it’s one common to first installments in action-adventure series: that the characters aren’t that well developed and so the emotional side of the story is lacking.  Lots of people die, including the heroes’ nearest and dearest, but those losses never register the way they should.  Moreover, the relationship between the three leads is still in its early stages.  At the film’s end, they are just barely friends, and they spend a lot of the time before that bickering.  It will take future movies for their friendship to be properly developed.

How ace is this movie?

There are no explicit romantic plotlines in this movie.  Luke does show signs of physical attraction to Leia, which seems to be a major motivator in his decision to rescue her, but their relationship does not progress further than a couple of chaste pecks on the cheek.  Of the two male leads, Han appears to be the better candidate for potential aceness, since he lacks an obvious love-interest and explicitly rescues Leia only for the money.  He later drops some hints that he might find Leia attractive, but it is not clear if he is being serious or just trying to bait Luke.  Leia, for her part, has bigger things to worry about than dating.

4 Stars; 3 Aces

Happy 44 years of Star Wars!

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