The goal of this site is not simply to seek out asexual film characters, but to bring asexuality and film into an ongoing dialogue. Just like other critical frameworks (feminist, queer, psychoanalytic, Marxist, post-colonial, etc.), I believe that asexuality has something to say to all kinds of movies – and that all kinds of movies have things to say to asexuality.

So, in addition to asking, “How good is this movie”, I want to bring the question, “What does this movie have to say to/about asexuality?” to every film I review. Not an easy question, and in many cases the answer seems to be “nothing”. But even those “nothings” are meaningful; they say something about the place of asexuality in society and the ideological assumptions about it. Moreover, noticing those “nothings” makes it easier to see the “somethings”, sometimes in surprising places.

The reviews are short, and broken into two parts. In the first part, I review the film on its over-all merits, just like any other critic. In the second part, I specifically evaluate its relationship to asexuality. This is based on criteria like the inclusion of asexual characters, the importance of sex to the story, and the addressing of issues relevant to the asexual community. Finally, I give the film two ratings (both out of five): one, the standard star rating, indicating its quality, and the other, an “ace rating”, indicating its ace-friendliness.