About Me

I love movies. I’ve seen over 1200 of them, and I did my B.A. in Film Studies.

I’m also part of the asexual community. I’ve been a member of AVEN for over fifteen years; I have contributed articles to AVENues; I’ve presented papers on asexuality at conferences; and I recently completed an M.A. in English, for which I focused my research on asexuality in literature.

While I dislike attaching labels to myself, I think it’s important to position myself within the community, so I will say that I identify specifically as a platoniromantic demisexual. “Platoniromantic” means that I don’t distinguish between friendship and romance, just varying degrees of affection. “Demisexual” means that I occasionally find myself sexually attracted to specific people, but only after spending some time getting to know them. Outside of those rare crushes, I’m basically asexual.

For the reviews, I will be trying to take a range of ace-spectrum experiences into account. However, I will obviously be biased by my own position on that spectrum – not to mention other factors. Nothing I write on this blog should be taken as representative of the asexual community as a whole. As I say in About the Ace Rating, my goal with these reviews is to start a conversation, not to give the last word. I can’t claim to speak for all asexuals – but then neither can anyone else. All I can do is to offer my opinion and invite other people to do the same.